Cheer the House up with some Beautiful Blooms

That’s been a long day of buying, creating and delivering flowers! A long bubble bath, candles, róse and red roses is everything I need to wind down! I bought these 🌹 this morning (along with some orchids and hydrangea) to cheer the house up with… inject some freshness and enjoy being where we are all staying put for at least the next 3 weeks! I wasn’t alone in self-indulgence this weekend, lots of you decided to send yourself flowers and why the hell not! Make your home exactly where you want to be, fill the oven with homemade cakes, fill the wardrobes with online shopping and fill your vases with fresh blooms! Join me in what I’m now deciding to call ‘me week’. 🥰
I’ll be taking bespoke orders for this Thursday’s delivery all day tomorrow, and up until Wednesday for Saturday. .
The website is still up and running for Saturday deliveries. .
DM me for special requests! .
While the kids go back to ‘school’, it’s time we went back to us 😘.