NEW STOCK- House of BlueBelle Candles

I’m so excited to tell you that we now stock the most wonderfully fragrant House of BlueBelle candles.
I thought long and hard about whether or not to sell these candles, as I’m so adamant that I am a flower shop and not a gift shop, my focus has and always will remain with flowers, we have little time to do anything else. We get sent lots of samples of lovely products, but it’s only these beauties which made me reconsider.
I had to share these with my customers as I know you’ll love them! They’re the perfect addition to our Signature bouquets. Available in store, or click to shop… and enjoy the fragrance as much as we do!
All 2 wick, luxury handmade candles are packaged in gorgeous white boxes and finished with a grey ribbon. Fragrances include Gin and Tonic (my fav drink), Peony (my fav flower) and Rhodes (which is a gorgeous rich and indulgent fragrance, perfect for cosy nights in – my fav thing).